Season 9 – v7.2 Update


Hi everyone! Season 9 (v7.2) of ComsterCraft has been released! Changes: You will receive a custom role if you have a total of 72 hours of playtime. Check your total playtime with the command /totalplaytime Spawn anti-grief has been modified to lower down the amount of false-bans Daily tasks have been added. Type /tasks for […]

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Season 8 Release


Hi everyone! Happy New Year. Season 8 of ComsterCraft has been released. We have also lightened some of the rules. You may now request for assistance (such as server connection issues, any questions you may have) in the #general channel. You may now send memes to #general channel. #server-info channel on our Discord has been […]

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v6.2 Update


Hi everyone. v6.2 of ComsterCraft has been released. Changes: when a message in sent in server chat containing a user’s ping, it will automatically change to the user’s name and discriminator added command “/discord-replies” to see how many messages the bot has automatically sent Thank you.

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