Dungeon mini-game tutorial

Dungeon mini-game tutorial

What is this about?

Created by Whale in about 3+ months (starting in somewhere around halloween), the dungeon is a minigame for members to have fun and play together with one another.

From what I can tell, Whale has really put in a lot of effort into this project. In fact, the launch of this minigame kept being delayed, and when we were launching it on 24th January 2021, there were still some bugs. Please support the minigame. Please report any bugs you experience by making a general ticket in #ticketinfo. This minigame is in beta.


How to enter dungeons

Type /spawnw. Behind the nether portal at spawn has a area with a portal to the dungeon.

X: 37, Y: 71, Z: -46

Enter the water portal to start.

Get a starter kit

Type /sd to get a starter kit – you can only use it once!


Gold blocks are where mobs spawn.

Mob spawners also spawn mobs.

You can unlock more parts of the dungeon by completing clues/tasks.

The deeper you enter the dungeon, the more loot you get, but the mobs also get harder to beat.

There are also secret paths to be found and looted.


The person with the most gold nuggets at the end of the game wins!


Store your gold in the chests at the storage avenue. Claim a plot by using signs to lock the chests.


Buy equipment and gear and more at the nearby village marketplace using your gold. Spend wisely!