Guide for new members

Welcome to ComsterCraft.

Thank you for joining ComsterCraft. ComsterCraft is a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server (SMP).

The shopping district is located at the spawn area (/spawn). Any builds at spawn may be removed.

These pages are important:


How to join ComsterCraft

  • Join the server. The IP can be found in #server-info on the Discord server.
  • You will receive a 4 digit code. DM the Discord bot the 4 digit code.
  • Join the server again.
  • Refer to this guide if you have issues with the linking process/if you have issues joining

If you need assistance, make a ticket in #ticketinfo.



How to get started

Following this guide is optional! You can use your own method of getting started, however this is just a guide.

  • Join the server. Information is in #server-info on the Discord server.
  • Type /wild to teleport to a random place to start your journey
  • Cut down some trees using an axe
  • Craft wooden tools and start mining
  • Craft a stone pickaxe, craft a furnace
  • Look for iron and coal, smelt iron using a furnace
  • Craft an iron pickaxe
  • Mine as much resources as you can along the way
  • (this step is optional) craft iron armour
  • Mine to y = 11 (you can check your y-level by pressing F3 on your keyboard in Java edition)
  • At y=11, start mining. Try to remain at y=11. You should be able to find some diamonds.
  • Setup a few simple farms, such as a wheat/carrot farm, wool farm, mob farm
  • Setup a house or a temporary place to stay
  • You are recommended to check for shops at /spawn

What you can do

This video from Mumbo Jumbo will teach you how to not get bored.

Thank you for joining ComsterCraft. We hope you have fun.