Debate TranscriptsQ1 2021 Committee of Management

13th March 2021 – ComsterCraft Q1 2021 Committee of Management

13th March 2021 – ComsterCraft Q1 2021 Committee of Management


  • Whale
  • 09froggy
  • Shark
  • Rosey_Deary

Shark: Debate starting now. Is everyone ready to start? With that said, I would like to welcome everyone to the ComsterCraft Committee of Management Debate (COM Debate) and this is really representing our server. Whatever we say here is really serious, and it may really go into the future of the server.

Now this is a pre-debate briefing. Here are some things you should (or rather, you must understand).

  • adjourn means to pause something and to move it forward (which means there will be a resumption date.)
  • when a question is asked by the speaker, it would sound like this “The question is that the debate do now adjourn to 10th March 2019 at 6pm. As many as are of that opinion, say “aye”, of the contrary say “no”.
    • Basically if you support the question, say ‘aye’
    • if you do not support the question, say ‘no’
  • when the word “house” is being mentioned, it means the staff team
    • it means the people who are attending this debate.

[ComsterCraft Anthem is played.]

Shark: Thank you very much. Now, this debate is being recorded and will be live on YouTube.

Shark: Order: Questions for Oral Answers

Shark: Xiswammyvoid.

09froggy: Can we have special events such as spleef or hide and seek in the future?

Shark: Thank you very much. I will direct this question to Whale as he will probably be the one hosting the next event.

Whale: You see, hide and seek requires a lot of participants right? So you’re gonna have to somehow find people who can play at that time and right now, the typical number of people now is only 5-6 you know, so it’s gonna be very hard to find. You know what I mean? Unless you can somehow find many people to participate in the event, the answer right now is “No”.

Shark: Order: Questions for Oral Answers

Shark: Xiswammyvoid, next question.

09froggy: Can we bring back the minigames such as the bedwars we did last year?

Whale: We’ll come back to that later, I think later we’re gonna have something to discuss that is similar to this.

Shark: Whale, next question.

Whale: Do you guys have any ideas that will increase the player activity, attract the players and such. I’ll start with you first.

Shark: There are a few projects that we have planned, and many many tasks. I intend to revamp the website, but at the moment I see no need to, because there is currently 0 need to do so. But hopefully in a few days time, I can revamp the website, that’s one thing. For in-game projects and all those nonsense, I actually do have an intention to revamp the debate hall.


  • zombies minigame in CC, like the one in Hypixel
    • takes a lot of development, development has not started

Shark: Next question.

Whale: What do you intend to do to increase player activity?

Shark: For this question, I need to open it up to everyone. To answer your question, I’m not actually very sure. I can give you a brief understanding of what we intend to do:

  • voting reward system
  • daily tasks

…to increase player activity. All these things will take a long time to do, it will take a while. At the moment I think we are all doing fine in terms of this. Until I see the need to, it is not ready yet. But most likely we will do so next season as we aren’t ready this season.

Shark: Next question. My question is to Whale: What other improvements do you have planned?

Whale: Okay actually, this is a very good question. I think it’s something that we will discuss later.

Shark: How do you intend to take the server and in what direction?

Whale: I think what everyone wants is to be fair, that’s definitely one of the things they want right? I’m just going to try to make the server more fair. How? I would try as much as to log in to Discord and check tickets and stuff, how the staff are doing it, those type of things. Other things I’m gonna take the server into, one of them we’ll be discussing later. The other one, right now I can say is, have more minigames, more function to the server, because right now, people are complaining that it’s quite boring as you just do it and then there’s nothing else for you to do anymore. It’s just that, Minecraft, it’s very limited.

Shark: Next question for Frog: When do you want to take over the owner position and what do you intend to do with it?

09froggy: I intend to do so once either Shark or Whale leaves as I feel like the server will need help.

I intend to:

  • increase player activity
  • create more special events to entice people to play often (referring to bedwars/zombies game)

Shark: We have reached the end of the speech, there is nothing else in the queue, I can’t find anyone else in the queue. There’s something wrong with the queue system.

Shark: Whale, go ahead.

Whale: Are we gonna continue this 100% Survival system? Or should we add tweaks like custom armour? Maybe have a shop system because they don’t have any motivation to build any shops and their shops are not that good (no offense), but like you just do it and I don’t really think you earn a lot of money from it. And the custom armour is just a way to increase something that you can do, ya know?

Whale: For the shop system, either you can warp to shop (by building it at your house), or use the current system using the plugin that we have now.

Whale: And then you can also like, warp to the shops that you make, anywhere in the world, you guys understand what I mean right? You can make a shop anywhere in the world, and you can warp to the shop.

Shark: The question is that we do use the warp system and we do allow people to warp to other shops. As many as are of that opinion say ‘aye’.

  • Frog and Whale

Of the contrary, say ‘no’.

  • None.

I think the Ayes have it. The Ayes have it.

[Debate and House adjourned.]

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