1) Expand your base

Every Minecraft journey starts out with a base, the players’ home. Many people would usually build a small starter base with only the essentials and afterwards, they get bored and well, there goes the world I guess… … I am sure many of you are guilty of that, so why not make a upgrade to your base. Turn that small crummy looking compact base of yours into a true masterpiece, towering over your friend’s build. It would be a good portfolio if you are interested in signing up for a server development role in other servers and you can show off your amazing building skills to your friends.

The making of a new base

2) Build Battles

Build battles as the name suggest means competing with other people to build the best build. It could be “build a dragon” challenge or “build the best medieval house”. It could be about anything you can imagine and it also helps the server, bringing more vibrance and life to it.

3) Build small mingames for players to play!

What’s better than having other people play your own minigame with you! You can profit from the entrance fee (if you have one) to enter the game and everyone can have fun! Games like shoot down moving targets are just some of the few ideas you can do for a minigame. Start your OWN DISNEYLAND NOW!


OK, So you are a shy builder and the ideas above don’t suit your style, how about doing some Adventuring! With all the building that needs to be done for the base and farms, no one ever goes on a adventure anymore and rather stay in their house. A adventure doesn’t need to be one filled with epic proportions or having a dramatic battle, all it needs is fun and a little bit of walking. Minecraft has many rare items like the Notch apples (Enchanted Golden Apples) and charged creeper heads, why not go out and find them? I’m sure it would be worth alot in the market.

5) Make your own mini event

Be Creative and start your own mini event for others to play!

6) Prank others

Going on a adventure may be a little tedious, so how about doing a simple prank on others! There are many videos on YouTube that show traps and prank ideas for you to do! If you are creative enough, you can plan your own prank! I do it all the time and they loved it so much that they had to run away from me screaming. I didn’t hear what they were screaming but it must’ve been about how good and fun it was right? Wait, Come back!

7) Secret Bases

Everyone likes a good secret base and with the angry mob of victims from your pranks chasing you, you might as well use your hidden base until the heat dies down.

8) Achievements

Want to be famous? Why not try to accomplish minecraft’s most hardest challenge: Get the “how did we get here” achievement. It can be achieved by getting all the effects possible in minecraft, watch YouTube to find out more on how to do it. You can also try to get all the achievements on minecraft.

9) TnT explosives

What’s the most satisfying thing to do in minecraft you ask? Arguably, I would place down all possible TnT at my builds and ignite them all, Muahahahaha I feel no remorse…. Too extreme? Well you could instead find a nice secluded area far away from everyone else and do that. Who knows, you may even find some diamonds.

10) Start from scratch

Blew up all your builds and equipment out of existence? Good, because the next step involves having nothing on you. If you haven’t already done so, Do it now! What? You want to keep your build you say? Well then you can keep everything you have into a chest and the next step would be to start minecraft from scratch. It’s the best way to spend your time if you are bored because you’ll have to do everything again! If you are on a server you could always put your equipment in a chest, never take them out and start from scratch.

well here comes the angry mob again complaining about the distant explosions, I Guess it’s time to stop writing……

Provided by The Infinitive