v1.3.1 Update

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Hi everyone. v1.3.1 of ComsterCraft has been released. Changes: – Server software is PaperSpigot – Tried to fix Bedrock edition respawn issues (https://www.comstercraft.com/flyspray/index.php?do=details&task_id=15) (note that this only applies to Bedrock users which means their IGN on our server starts with “Bedrock_”) – Reverted Skript variables to a backup a couple of hours ago I apologise […]

How ComsterCraft is hosted

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Hi everyone! This post is on how ComsterCraft is hosted. NOTE: You are responsible for your own server and your own doings. We do not take responsibility for anything posted in this post. ComsterCraft is currently hosted on an OVH VPS which costs about $30 SGD. Even though we could host it on a cheaper […]

ComsterCraft is looking for staff/YouTubers

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Hi everyone! ComsterCraft is looking for YouTubers/staff/advertisers. Staff Application form https://forms.gle/mV61NTyp3cUNTky7A Advertiser application form https://forms.gle/SUgZGk8zAWF55h7UA YouTuber application form https://forms.gle/YUe78xRKVRhn8vWq5 ComsterCraft is looking for staff. Staff must be: – honest – respectful – follow all rules – active on the server ComsterCraft is looking for advertisers. Advertisers must: – advertise frequently – be active on the […]