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Article #2 – How it is like owning a server

Hi everyone, Comstepr here. I’m here to share my experience about how it is like owning a server.

Owning a server is not the easiest – there are tasks to complete, bugs to fix, and members to reply to. After removing the applications, there may be more rule-breakers.

There’s also things like managing the Discord server and all the administrative stuff. However, I find it fun for me to own a server.

Next: Coinsters

Coinsters are actually supposed to be cryptocurrency in Minecraft (but it was fake). It turned out quite well, in spite of some issues during the process of making it, etc. There’s been many changes to Coinsters so far, such as the way it works, etc. There’s also a channel called #coinster-prices which shows the Coinster prices.

What would you like to know about in the next article? Let us know by suggesting in #questions.

Thank you!

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