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Article #3

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading this article.

Firstly, ComsterCraft is looking for staff members. Check for more information.
At the moment, ComsterCraft does not have a lot of staff members, which makes it so that owners have to settle most of the stuff.

Next, ComsterCraft is looking for builders, etc. @Whale on Discord is helping to find community helpers for ComsterCraft. If you would like to be a community helper, make a ticket in #ticketinfo.

Next is my opinion on the current state of ComsterCraft and how it can be improved.

As of writing this article (which is not on the same day as the release of the article), ComsterCraft has a shutdown date, unless there are 60 ComsterCraft members. However, I think that ComsterCraft can be improved if we have more people contributing to the server and more active members. I understand that this is a small Minecraft server, however, we need an active community so that members won’t find it boring.

Thank you.

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