How ComsterCraft is hosted

Hi everyone! This post is on how ComsterCraft is hosted.

NOTE: You are responsible for your own server and your own doings. We do not take responsibility for anything posted in this post.

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ComsterCraft will not reveal how we host everything. Members can ask us questions on technical stuff, however we are not obliged to reply to those questions.

ComsterCraft is currently hosted on an OVH VPS which costs about $30 SGD. Even though we could host it on a cheaper plan, etc, the experience may not be that good. ComsterCraft runs on PaperSpigot which is a server software. The server has a bash script which restarts the server when:
– it crashes
– it stops

ComsterCraft has Bedrock crossplay. We use a plugin to do this.
These are the things that could be taken into consideration when creating a Minecraft server:
– Cores

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On ComsterCraft, we do not allow players to talk about technical stuff. Please check for the rules.

Thank you for reading.

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