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Revamp 3 – Message from the Founder of ComsterCraft

Hi everyone.

I am Comstepr, the founder of ComsterCraft. I would like to thank all members (past and present) as well as everyone who has contributed to ComsterCraft. It has been a pleasure to serve all of you as the founder of ComsterCraft.

Ever since I stepped down from the owner position of ComsterCraft, I have still been assisting ComsterCraft. However, the owner has been doing a good job.

At the moment, there is only one owner, who is Whale. He has been assisting ComsterCraft since the start and I am very grateful to have his support. I am also very grateful to the previous owners for their support.

The goal before Revamp 4 is to meet the ComsterCraft core values, as well as the motto. ComsterCraft may also be quite messy. Please suggest ways that ComsterCraft can be improved by filling up the form in the #suggestions channel of the ComsterCraft Discord.

Over the past few days, many staff members have joined the staff team. This makes the experience for new players smoother and they would be much happier. I would also like to optimise the onboarding process so that new members would stay.

ComsterCraft is slowly transitioning to full Vanilla. I understand that some members may not like it, hence if you have any suggestions, please check the #suggestions channel of the ComsterCraft Discord.

Thank you.

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