v4 Update – Revamp 3

Hi everyone.

Revamp 3 (v4) of ComsterCraft has been released.


  • added custom whitelist system
  • added /ccxp pay
    /ccxp pay can be used to pay another player CCXP (whether they are online or not)
  • /welcome cooldown for CCXP is 15 minutes
  • instead of getting 0.1 CCXP when mining (5% chance), it is now 0.05 CCXP when mining (5% chance)
  • when a player votes, they have a 1% chance of getting 15 CCXP and a 5% chance of getting 5 CCXP. Instead of getting 10 CCXP when a player votes, they get 5 CCXP
  • items on the CCXP shop can now sell out
  • an event system has been added so that events can be automatically started
  • /checkfilter can now be used by players
  • auto un-AFK system has been added

Thank you.

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