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The Bedrock Edition Incident

minecraft Bedrock edition
minecraft Bedrock edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Learn more about the Bedrock edition incident and how you can help Comstercraft out.


So many of you may have realised that ComsterCraft was down for a long time, if u didn’t , now you know. I would like to emphasise that you must be patient when our server is down or not operational at the moment. A while ago, 3 people (who’s names I shall not divulge) entered a private server hosted by Comstepr. He has already said it many times that the bedrock edition crossplay was not operational yet, but the 3 players still joined. We admit that part of it was our fault, due to it being the same port and IP. We also do not know if the 3 players intentionally wanted to play the bedrock crossplay, but they still should have read the announcements about the bedrock crossplay not being functional. However, because someone was online on the private server, we were able to convince the 3 players they were on the wrong server. This brings me to my next point that all of you should read the important announcements as u may miss some important information.

Key take-away points

1) Be patient and do not spam tickets or ask what is taking so long/ ask the same question that has been answered so many times.

2)read the important announcements to never miss a thing

3)Use Ip and port we give you

thank you


I’d also like to put out a disclaimer out there that anyone who does not use the IP and port we give and try to join that private server will get kicked out of the CC server

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