v6 Update – Revamp 5

Hi everyone.

v6 of ComsterCraft has been released.


  • removed automatic server giveaways
  • CCXP shop only has /tpbed command
  • the end only opens on Sundays 4.30pm GMT+8 and close 24 hours after
  • breaking logs will now cause the log above to fall. This applies to all structures.
  • /fireworks now requires 192 gunpowder and 64 paper to make 64 flight duration 3 rockets
  • World 2 is now open. Type /tpworld2 to go there. In world 2, there is a separate nether, inventories, EXP and player data.
  • toggle combat log notifications with /menu (it is disabled by default)
  • toggle CCXP messages with /menu (not sure if this was already added? it should be disabled by default)

Thank you.

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