v7 Update – Revamp 6, Phase 1

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since the last revamp. This revamp is rather significant, and so are other revamps. This revamp isn’t really finished yet; and more changes will be made in Revamp 6, Phase 2.

Revamp 6, Phase 1 has been released.


  • Combat logging now includes falling into the void
  • CCXP has been removed
    • Until 19th March 2021 6pm SGT, you can convert your CCXP into diamonds by using /ccxpconvert.
    • CCXP will most likely be discontinued after that.
  • Playing on CC for at least 48 hours in total will give you a custom role.
    • Type /totalplaytime to see your total playtime
    • Counting for total playtime has just started so previous playtime will not count
    • Type /totalplaytime <another user’s username> to see another user’s total playtime.
  • There is now a way to automatically send any messages/commands you send to #server-chat to the MC serevr.
    • Type .autocmd to enable/disable this feature.
    • If you have this enabled, there is no need to use ‘.p’.
    • This is especially useful for members who play on consoles.

That’s all we have for Phase 1 of Revamp 6. The coming phases for Revamp 6 will have more changes.

Have a great week ahead!

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