Before making an report/appeal, please ensure that:
– you copy and paste
the full report/appeal format then fill it up, or replicate it with the questions. Do not send your answers individually in individual messages.

If you were punished automatically and you think it was a false punishment, you still need to use this format.

How to create a report/appeal

You will need to create a ticket. In the ComsterCraft Discord, go to the #ticketinfo channel and create a General Ticket.

To report a member, create a ticket under “Reports/Appeals” and please use this format:

Your Minecraft IGN:
(If you don’t know who did it, please leave this question empty) Who you are reporting (Minecraft IGN):
Why are you reporting the player:
(if you are reporting a player because of griefing) Do you know where are the coordinates? If yes, what are the coordinates?:
Any screenshots/recordings?:

For punishment appeals:
Your Minecraft IGN:
Why were you punished?
Why should your punishment be removed?
Do you think it was a false punishment? If yes, why?:
Will you stop doing what you were punished for?
Give us a reflection with 50 words or more on why you were punished from ComsterCraft.
In your reflection, it should include:
– how you were punished
– what did you think you did that got you punished
– why you were punished
– how will you prevent this from happening in future (ignore this question if it was a false punishment)
Any screenshots/recordings?

If you were punished for hacking:
What was the modification you were using?
Have you removed it?