Server Information

Season 1 started on May 17th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 2 started on June 8th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 3 started on July 11th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 4 started on July 19th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 5 started on August 30th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 6 started on September 20th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 7 started on October 29th 2020 (GMT+8)
Season 8 started on January 2nd 2021 (GMT+8)
Season 9 started on April 3rd 2021 (GMT+8)

Seed: 1083719637794 (overworld, nether and end dimension)


Want some light rewards (e.g fun stuff, not like diamonds and stuff, those are a no no)? Vote for ComsterCraft!

Server commands

  1. /team – Teams


  1. /ac – Send a message to everyone
  2. /tc – Send a message to your team members
  3. /chat
  4. /msg – Message another player
  5. /r – Reply to a player

Quality of Life

  1. /wild – Teleport to a random location (type /wild nowater to prevent teleporting above water)
  2. /menu – Open a menu
  3. /playtime – Check your playtime
  4. /myusername – Check your Minecraft username on ComsterCraft
  5. /spawn – Teleport to spawn of the world you are in
  6. /spawnw – Teleport to spawn of the overworld
  7. /discord-replies – See how many replies the bot has automatically replied to

Discord server commands

  1. .p <message/command> – Send a command to the server from the Discord #server-chat.
  2. .autocmd – Automatically send all messages sent to #server-chat to the main server.

Bedrock Edition players have different IGNs on our server. Please use the command /myusername to check your username on our server.. Use this username for voting and anything related on our server.



ComsterCraft has strict rules regarding modifications and we are aware that some players join servers only to hack on it because they think it’s fun. We have put together a set of allowed modifications that can be used in server. Anyone caught using unallowed modifications will be punished accordingly. We will update the modifications page whenever we want to, so do check in once in a while.
To server rules


Quality of Life improvements

  • Ender chests can be mined with regular pickaxes and does not need a silk touch pickaxe
  • Dragon egg does not teleport on right click
  • Pillagers will not spawn within 500 blocks from spawn
  • One player sleep

How to lock containers/doors Right click/tap the block with a sign. You may also place a sign with the first line as “[Private]” to lock the block. If you do not want to lock the block, sneak while placing the sign. To add more than 1 user to a block, type /lock This changes the line number to a user’s name, allowing them to access the container/door. If you want to add more users, place another sign with the first line as “[More Users]”. Alternatively, just right click/tap the door/container.

  • Playing on CC for at least 48 hours in total will give you a custom role.
    • Type /totalplaytime to see your total playtime
    • Type /totalplaytime <another user’s username> to see another user’s total playtime.

Tutorial on how to setup shops

You can also follow the guide below.

How to setup shops (Method 1)

It is recommended to create shops using this plugin to avoid people from stealing items in your shop. However, you do not need to use any of these methods, you can still make a traditional shop (and hope that people are honest)

Place a sign on top/on the side of a chest (remember to sneak/croutch while doing so). On the sign, type:
Line 1: [Trade]
Line 2: <quantity> <name of item you are selling>
Line 3: <quantity> <name of item you are buying>
Leave line 4 empty.

If I want to sell 1 diamond for 1 emerald, I put:
1 diamond
1 emerald

Ensure that it is case sensitive and do not leave out the spaces.

If I want to open/close a shop, I go very near to a shop’s sign and I type /ts open or /ts close.

If I want to add what a shop is selling, I type /ts addProduct <quantity> <Product name>
If I want to add what I am holding to the shop’s list of products, I type /ts addProduct while holding the item and the exact quantity of it.

If I want to add what a shop is buying, instead of addProduct I type addCost.

How to make shops (Method 2)

Place a sign on top/on the side of a chest (remember to sneak/croutch while doing so). On the sign, type:
Line 1: [Trade]
Leave lines 2-4 empty.

To set what the shop is buying, I type /ts setCost while holding the item.
To set what the shop is selling, I type /ts setProduct while holding the item.
To open the shop, I type /ts open.
To close the shop, I type /ts close.