Server Rules

By using our services, you must comply with the Server Rules. Otherwise, you should stop using our services immediately.

Rule 1: Disrespect

Members should be respectful to one another to ensure a harmonious playerbase. We will not tolerate negative and toxic comments. Do respect decisions made by staff members, however in situations you are not able to, you are expected to make a ticket.

Multiple offences fall under this rule:

  • Disrespecting a member (if brought in public view, it will be considered under community disruption)
  • Negative and toxic comments.
  • Disrespecting decisions made by staff members (if you really need to do so, please make a ticket)
  • Excessive use of vulgarities.
  • Bad mouthing a person or server.

Rule 2: Community Disruption
Multiple offences fall under this rule:

  • Plagiarism, or stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as yours (designs, builds, worlds, content) is prohibited.
  • Conflicts between members being brought into public view
  • Posting content or messages that divulge information regarding movies, shows, series, books, events, etc. that would spoil an experience for others is prohibited. 
  • Causing a ruckus on the network
  • Not following other’s rules when in their territory (e.g their bases, their shops, etc).
  • Making out of context comments either in game or on Discord.
  • Joining, starting or participating in discussions about breaking rules.
  • Pinging staff members or owners.
  • Discussing punishments/discussing another user’s punishments.
  • Spamming

Rule 3: Harassment

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • Bullying, targeting, arguing (especially with staff members), sending random Direct Messages (DMs), sending DMs after being asked to stop, being cheesy, horny, making another member uncomfortable, consistent “pinging,” or “ghost-pinging.”
  • Threatening another member.
  • Making inappropriate comments to a person.
  • Annoying someone for no reason (Either hitting them or by words).
  • Killing someone for no reason (Unwanted PvP).
  • Posting of someone’s personal information, pictures, etc., without their permission.

Rule 4: No griefing/stealing

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • taking things from containers (such as chests, hoppers, dispensers, etc) without permission, even if the items are returned, they should not have been taken in the first place
  • Breaking blocks to bypass a locked block (e.g if a door is locked do not break the surrounding blocks to gain access to someone’s territory)
  • Breaking blocks to spoil someone’s build (Intentional breaking of stuff).

Even if a build is abandoned or unused, the rules still apply to it. If you are unclear about a particular build/chest/container, you should make a ticket.

Rule 5: No scamming

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • IRL trades, reselling items from other in-game shops

Rule 6: No lying

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • Giving false information
  • Using more than one account on the server
  • Evading punishments

Rule 7: No hate behavior

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • Sexism/racism
  • Tarnishing the reputation of ComsterCraft

Rule 8: No advertising

The following offences fall under this rule:

  • DM advertising
  • Advertising another Discord server, Minecraft server or any realm code.

Rule 9: Unallowed Modifications

The use of modifications which gives unfair advantage are not allowed on this server, except the following:

  • Frames boost mod (e.g OptiFine) 
  • Inventory manager (e.g JustEnoughItems)
  • Badlion client
  • Replay mod
  • AutoReconnect
  • Auto inventory item movement.
  • Schematic mod, waypoints and minimap mod(printer mod is allowed).

If you think a certain mod should be allowed then feel free to make a general ticket.

If you are unclear about the server rules, you should make a ticket.

Membership in ComsterCraft requires compliance to the Terms of Service, which can be found here: